Opinie z Australii

Adelaide - South Australia 03. July 1998

We think Ewa and Maciek Rusin have given my son Tay hope and motivation to overcome all obstacles in front of his life, as they have done with many others. We as parents thank them with all our hearts and hope their good work is permitted to continue unhingered and with 100% support from all parents having children with such severe disabilities, support such a couple of great minds and hearts deserve...

Your sincerely Geoff and Sonya Good

James A.Nelson Centre- participants in Ewa and Maciek's Mobility Motivational Therapy


Adelaide - South Australia 18 September 1998

Ewa and Maciek's wholistic approach to our children during the past two years, has been innovative and exciting. They have nurtured and developed wonderful, positive relationship with each child in their class, facilitating their individual development in physical, cognitive, social and emotional dimensions. It is this consistency and stability in all four areas of learning and development that has produced such positive and obvious progress with our childrens overall lifestyles ( and also  the lifestyles of ourselves!) As you would be aware, our children have multiple disabilities and therefore need the true dedication and love the Rusin's have to offer in order for their needs to be recognized and met.

Signed- Parents of Rusin's classes from James A. Nelson Centre - participants in Ewa and maciek Mobility Motivational Therapy.


Gold Coast Australia 23. June 2010

I have met with Ewa and Maciek, Directors of PECC " Ready Set Go!" which I usually refer to briefly as Motor-Coordination Clinic (MCC) I understand their program and I have certainly seen the good results in my patients who have returned for follow up here. Please be assured that I always striving to be alert to the subtle deviations from normal in development whether it to be social, language, motor or emotional. I very much recognise the need for appropriate intervention. I am very pleased to hear that so many children are making a good response to the activities of this Clinic.

With best wishes - Dr. Neville Davis - Paediatrician


Gold Coast Australia 09. September 2010

It is very encouraging to see the establishment of this very unique service "Ready Set Go" on the Gold Coast area where these sort of programs have been available in Europe and North America for some time, the same opportunities have not been available to Australian parents and with many interesting research programs oversees demonstrating what appears to be some very solid links between increased Neuro- muscular co-ordination and the maturing of intellectual capacity, as well as some very positive social benefits.

As a parent of a young child who has been through the "Ready Set Go" program I was also most impressed with the improved self confidence and motivation and what I thought was a pretty robust and normal six year old. He enjoyed the program, certainly developed physical skills, and showed great enthusiasm in wanting to tackle tasks that previosly had perhaps been a little beyond him.

Yours sincerely - Dr. Kendal Johnston


Gold Coast  Australia  03.March 2011

I have nothing but commendation for the "Ready Set Go" Clinic for their hard work and persererance with my boy Rhys who has ADHD.

Yours sincerely Michael Craft - Psychiatrist


Gold Coast - Australia 07. February 2012

Dear Ewa and Maciek. A lot of good has been founded in your Clinic. My own son Daniel is just one example. Despite the "upside-down" weekly activities achieved in the last few days, I amcertainly confident to carry most of your ideas in Toowoomba in Queensland. I thank you for letting me participate in the group, and for motivating my son to continue to stand and "move". I wish you continued succes with your "Ready Set Go" program.

Jane Bujdegan


Gold Coast- Australia 25. May 2012

Dear Maciek and Ewa. Since my daughter has attended "Ready Set Go" program, she has improved immensely. We are very impressed with your skills and professionalism. You have motivated my daughter to do "impossible"!!

Bill and Anne van den Akken


Gold Coast - Australia  06. July 2013

Maciek, We have been extremely impressed by the program that you developed for Samuel, we can see results already and your attention and patience is wonderful

The fact that we can participate as parents in the rehabilitation of Samuel is also excellent. We recommend you highly.

Doug and Kate Savim